If you’re a fan of Contessa Luna and want to support her in the creation of new community art and performance projects, video and television shows, webcasts, and more random, unpredictable art, please consider a small donation to help bring these things to life. La Contessa needs your support to expand and continue to create art you not only enjoy but may play a part in creating.

Choose your level of support, and thank’a you! xx

Please show you love with little donation of $10, $25 or more for La Contessa de la Luna. Every week she spend hours planning program and every week she listen to you stories, you secrets and’a so much nonsense.

Look at’a all these things we doing, Public access television program, Live Podcast for Noontime Confessional, Children’s Album/CD, Audio Book Alice in Wonderland.

But’a La Contessa she cannot do it without’a you support.

We know you love’a La Contessa. But money don’t buy love, or Podcast, or video editing, or volunteer training, or archives or SoundCloud, or hair, or gowns. If’a you love La Contessa (not in Biblical way) please consider modest donation $10, $25 or more a year.

You feel cleaner!