About Contessa de la Luna

Unfettered, unpredictable, unscripted and avant-garde, the World Famous Confessional creates digital and in-person communities of Lunatics. Participation is the key and everyone who chooses can be heard during the live streaming broadcast every Friday 10-Midnight (PST). Contessa Luna® is a Portland, Oregon based artist, performer and late night talk-radio host.

2020 saw The World Famous Confessional hosted by Contessa de la Luna leave KBOO and make a new home at shoutingfire.com. After a 14 year run on KBOO 90.7 FM, in Portland, Oregon, the Contessa has  left the terrestrial airwaves and embraced a larger audience via the internet. The World Famous Confessional is truly world-wide on ShoutingFire.com.

Contessa Luna has been helping keep Portland weird since 2006

But what is it?

A call-in show with no filters, no script and no plan, and music. A call-in show with music.

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Do you want Contessa to read your secrets, confessions and witty anecdotes live on the Friday program?

Use the contact form to submit your whatever. Comments are reviewed and then made public during the live streaming program, so Don’t expect it to be showing up instantly. We are not robots.  After posting, you comment will be reviewed by our staff of 1, and then published, probably.

Comments that are profane, or insulting, or deemed offensive by Contessa, will not be published or broadcast and no apology will be forthcoming. Comments that are ridiculously juvenile, may be published.


You’ll feel cleaner, tomorrow.

Late night talk radio host La Contessa de la Luna takes your calls live on air every Friday starting at 10PM till 12 AM streaming live from the exclusive late night lounge in Portland, Oregon.

Share your secrets, guilt, dreams and aspirations in The Confessional, surrealistic late night talk radio program

Join the conversation!

Ciao baby. Kiss Kiss


  1. La Olivia she miss la contessa and callers. She disappointed to miss it, but’a the work life too early. Happy rain and crispy air everybody! Ah this boundless bounty of bubbalicious pop! bambi life, i love this show. xx

  2. It’s so awesome that I can listen to your show all the way from Zimbabwe! Perfect way to start the morning. Thank you!


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