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La Contessa on BMIR Burning Man Radio (Video)

Burning Man Information Radio to be specific. La Contessa made two appearances on BMIR taking confessions live from the control booth.

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  1. miguelito pelon August 30, 2014 at 5:51 am #

    Thank you for the laughter as I lay here in Seattle on Friday night missing the playa… the guy from pdx wanting to manifest a ride home but not realizing that Now is a good time to learn to use a computer to aid that manifestation justed cracked me up and I had some really good belly laughs for the first time in awhile. You have a new fan!!! Couldn’t come this year, have to take a break due to many factors, last year was lucky #13, who knows if I will ever make it back, especially with kthe power of the radio transporting me there right now from the comfort of my own bed…. but I miss it anyway. Love to you and have a great byrn!!!! Thanks again. Burning Man is the most work I ever Love.
    Joke: Two stagehands walked into a bar. The 3rd one ducked under it.

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