Contessa Luna reading confessionsWhat a show! For our sixth annual fundraiser for KBOO we had our usual variety program plus a wacky fashion show with a real cash’s prize! Contessa de la Luna will post more photos as they are available but here is a little sampling!

Contessa de la Luna made a big’a entrance in her throne, being rolled up and down the aisle benevolently tossing gifts to the adoring audience. Her throne was decorated with flowers, ornaments, twinkle lights, skulls, beads, ribbon and silk adornments. (pics to come)

Olive & Dingo sang their rock and roll baby songs. Rèmy Fasolatido performed with his guitar and Mickey from the Secret Garden officiated the Wacky Fashion Show. Bob is sleeping from Periscope slept the entire program in the corner where you took selfies with him all night.

Rèmy Fasolatido and Contessa sang the Fireworks song and everyone in the audience played Rock Paper Scissors with each other until there was only one winner and they win a prize! Contessa de la Luna sang her original hit Jalèpeno Eyes and read your confessions and dirty little secrets live on stage and throwing things at’a you. Contessa de la Luna and Ketchup

Thank’a you to Sock Puppet Theater for playing our final song on his mandolin and for all the crew and audience, you the best! xx